Like the URL says. Oh, fuck men!

You know, when I bought this domain I had in mind simply that “Oh, fuck men!” is definitely a thing I’ve heard women say. Since I was rolling out ways of introducing my new character, Oaf Huck, I figured heck yeah! Let’s add it to the collection. 

Over the last many days, I’ve been focused on building this wiki project, and I’ve had to learn a ton of new stuff. For the most part I’m happy to take knowledge wherever I can learn it. But so far everything I have needed to learn has involved watching a YouTube video by some dude. And you know what? As a red blooded American man who likes hot women, I’m fed up with how male dominated programming is. 

Encourage your daughters’ interest in STEM, folks! Like I say, I’ll learn wherever I can. But, oh, fuck men!

This feller here, this is Oaf Huck.

You should go check out, home to 20+ domains that are tons of fun to say with a character named Oaf Huck!